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Incredibly happy with the service they provided. I rented a Rolls Royce Wraith which was on my to do list. The car drove amazing it felt like the car was floating. I never heard the engine once. The car was amazing. I look forward to renting more exotic cars from them when I go to New York again. It was a great experience and was very happy that I did it.
I was in Los Angeles for vacation with my family and we wanted a nice car that the family could get around in. I rented a Cadillac Escalade from them even though I really wanted to rent one of the exotic cars they had lol.  They picked us up in the airport and gave us the car. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. Maybe next time i'll fulfill my fantasy of driving an Audi r8.
Seen a couple celebrities posted on their Instagram accounts about this company, so I decided to try them out. When I visited their website I was very impressed with the selection of exotic cars they had to offer. I rented a Lamborghini Gallardo and was very happy with the car and service. Next time I visit Miami or Los Angeles I'm giving them a call
Went on a trip to Miami to attend a business seminar and wanted to rent an exotic car while I was there. I've always wanted to drive a Lamborghini Aventador for a long time so i called them. The car was available that weekend so i made a reservation. The staff was very helpful and made the process a breeze. It was worth the money that's all I gotta say. The looks I was getting while driving around in that bad boy was priceless