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As one of the world’s most legendary sport car brands Ferrari’s new flagship model the Ferrari 488 Spider does a great job of continuing the tradition. Ferrari is one of the most talked about brands in the exotic car industry. The 488 is the first mid engine ferrari to have a v8 turbo engine since the release of the iconic F40. Its also the successor to the 458 Italia which was the best v8 mid engine Ferrari.

The Spyder weighs about 110 pounds more than the coupe because of the folding mechanism on the convertible top. The 488 is much stiffer than its predecessor the 458 which some enthusiast say was a little shaky.

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Ferrari 488 Spider Exterior

If you were able to rent the ferrari 458 previously than you will see the difference in this new model. The 488 has more scoops and angles giving this Ferrari a more aggressive look. The aerodynamics provide an extreme amount of sophistication giving it a drag co efficiency of 1.53 which is a record for any convertible Ferrari. The difference in stiffness is about the same as the coupe due to a stiffer chassis that was made specifically for the Spyder. The experience of driving topless in a Ferrari is one that any motor enthusiast would drool over.

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The interior of this 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider is basically identical to the coupe. The steering wheel houses a variety of buttons including the engine start button, turning indicators, window wiper switch, horn and also a switch for suspension adjustments that vary for different road conditions. There is a also a 3 stage window deflector that minimizes interior noise allowing the drivers to be able to talk on the phone or speak to the passenger even while topless at high speeds.

488 spyder engine


The 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider has been reduced from a 4.5 liter to a 3.9 litter V8. The 3.9-liter has 2 turbocharges that give it 100 more horsepower and up to 30 percent more torque than the predecessor the 458 italia. The 488 Spyder comes with 600 horsepower as well as 560 pound feet of the torque. They don’t offer a manual transmission because the dual clutch automatic surpasses even the most skilled drivers in changing gears. Ferrari has used titanium alloy in the turbine wheels to further lighten the turbos. They’ve also optimized the throttle response giving this beast an almost instant turbo delivery eliminating turbo lag. The 0-100 times between the 488 GTB and the Spyder are practically identical.


The 488 Spyder is expected to be release sometime this summer. The price has not yet been set, but it definitely cost higher than GTB, so expect to pay upwards of $270,000 which is roughly 30,000 more than the Ferrari GTB. We don’t have this car available yet, but you can always rent a ferrari 458 spyder  or a Ferrari 488 GTB and experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari.

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