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If you plan on visiting Miami from December 3rd to the 6th for the Art Basel show, and if you didn’t, not too late to start planning right now.  And why wouldn’t you?  Art Basel Miami Beach is only North America’s foremost international modern and contemporary art fair.  Who can argue that the opportunity to enjoy Miami Beach at the same time is not manna from heaven.  Even better, while you enjoy the beauty of Miami, do it in fine style with luxury car rental in Miami.  If you’ve never experienced this magnificent occasion, then book your tickets immediately.  The Art Basel show features over 250 galleries from 31 countries right inside the Miami Beach Convention Center since 2001.  The show has been literally shutting down the town since.  You will be amazed by the entire experience.  Renting a luxury car can only take your experience to the next level.  You don’t need to restrict yourself to mere travel within the local area, give yourself more options.

Calling all art enthusiasts looking to have a great time in Miami, although the Art show is going to be fantastic, you should also make some time to take in the sights and sounds of the heavenly city of Miami.  The art show is far from the only attraction worth taking in.  As you know with the city, December still offers amazing weather to hit the road and explore the best of what the town has to offer.  Undoubtedly, you’ve been working hard all year long.  Give yourself and your significant other a gorgeous treat with luxury car rental.  Give yourself the rock star treatment with a wide selection of exotic cars.  Get the celebrity treatment as you hit the town with your luxury vehicle, you may even get to skip the long lines.  Why not?  When in Miami, you simply have to live it up!

Enjoy the electricity of the occasion.  Art Basel Miami Beach brings a certain ambiance to the air in early December. The show attracts a sophisticated international crowd of gallerists, artists, collectors, and afficionados from all corners of the globe to the beautiful sands of South Beach and beyond.  The entire city comes to life, fully charged for this event.  Anybody who is anybody in the art world always circles this date on their yearly calendar.  This is a must-attend.  After you take in all the beautiful modern and contemporary art, you are going to want to blow off some steam.  Before you head out for the fancy night clubs, it always helps to present the rock star image to maneuver your way around the velvet ropes, nothing says that better than driving up in a stunning vehicle.  Turn heads everywhere you go, as you know by now, the motto around here is to live it up in fine style. If your looking for tickets to the show click here

Miami is calling your name for this incredible art fair experience.  Be sure to reserve your luxury car rental in Miami today.  Choose from a wide selection of luxurious vehicles, give yourself the regal treatment, you only live once. You can always rent a beautiful exotic car in Miami during art basel.

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