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Here are the top 5 luxury car rentals in New York

New York is home to more people than any city in the United States, with over 8 million people. Set yourself apart by renting a luxury car with us this weekend. We have selected the top luxury car rentals to rent in NYC. While most people use yellow cabs and Uber to get around on the daily, for weddings, proms, special events, and business meetings deserve something special. The luxury cars below are the best quality vehicles on the market and provide a luxury experience found nowhere else. We offer delivery services anywhere in New York City, Greenwich, New Canaan, Long Island, Rumson, Brooklyn, Hamptons, Manhattan, Montauk or Southampton Beach. We provide the most luxurious car manufactures in the world including Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes, and Land Rover. The meticulous attention to craftsmanship found inside any one of these luxury cars is breathtaking. We also have some of these cars available with a chauffeur if you prefer to be driven around NYC instead. We can have any one of these luxury cars delivered to your home, business or hotel. We also offer Airport deliveries to John F. Kennedy International Airport or LaGuardia Airport.

Bentley Mulsanne Rental

Bentley rental NYC

The most beautiful luxury sedan for rent on the streets of New York is available today. The Bentley Mulsanne offers hand-stitched leather and premium wood finishes throughout the interior. Bentley is a car manufacturer with more than a century’s worth of heritage. The Bentley Mulsanne is one of the most requested luxury cars to rent in Manhatten. Although the GTC is also a very popular Bentley to rent the Mulsanne is by far the most requested luxury car rental in NYC. If your traveling with more than one person the Mulsanne provides plenty of space for you and your passengers as well as provides plenty of room for luggage.

Bentley GTC Rental


You can’t go wrong with a Bentley GTC rental in terms of ride quality, engine performance, luxury amenities, and comfort. At first glance, the first thing that stands out about the Bentley GTC is the iconic Bentley grill. The GTC has four seats although the back seats do not offer much space they are perfect for kids or to put luggage. The GTC is a beautiful luxury convertible and has both a sports car feel with a bespoke luxury touch. Equipped with a 621-hp turbocharged W-12 engine under the hood it provides power when needed.

Range Rover HSE Rental


If your traveling through the big apple with your family or entourage the Range Rover HSE is the perfect choice for luxury car rental in LA. Plenty of space and a luxurious interior make this luxury SUV a beautiful car to rent. It is equipped with a high-end sound system and premium interior finishes. There is no other luxury SUV is more requested than the Land Rover Range Rover HSE. The Range Rover HSE has become a popular choice for executives, celebrities and athletes to rent while in NY.

Rolls Royce Phantom Chauffer

Rolls-Royce-rental-New York

If you prefer to be driven around instead of renting a luxury car then we try out our Rolls Royce Phantom Chauffer service. The advanced suspension found in the phantom makes you feel like you’re riding on a cloud. If your attending a memorable event such as wedding or prom then this is the most luxurious car money can buy. Hire the Rolls Royce phantom today for movies, television shows or just simply to give your even a touch of luxury. The Phantom offers plenty of space for up to 4 people and will make your next event a memorable one.

Mercedes S550 Chauffer


The Mercedes S550 is available for chauffer and rentals in NYC. Most people prefer to be chauffeured in the S550 as it does not require you to have insurance or pay a high-security deposit. The S550 chauffer service is used by plenty of executives in New York. We also offer armed drivers as well as bodyguards upon request. If you need a chauffeur that speaks French, Spanish, Russian or any other language we can also arrange that for you if booked in advance. Experience the big apple in the back seat of a luxury Mercedes Benz S550 today.

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