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Rolls Royce Phantom

Priced at about $417,825, the phantom is simply the best luxury car in the entire world. The phantom drives so smooth it ought to have its own sails.  It represents the pinnacle of luxury driving. From its apparently awkward Bentley wilderness years to born-again brand powerhouse and credibility under BMW’s ownership, Rolls-Royce has brought to life, a truly stunning and elegant luxury car. The Phantom stylishly blends modernity and tradition, on the back of its major overhaul and facelift last year.  As a result, these cars trade the controversial round fog lamps at the front with a more retro-Rolls rectangular-shaped full LED lights setup.

The choice is yours, drive or be driven? The Phantom looks and feels weighty, but the V12 delivers above and beyond.  The spookily quiet 6.75-litre turbocharged 12-cylinder provides the Phantom frightening pace with the smooth courtesy of a new eight-speed automatic transmission. You’ll want the extended wheelbase one though, not for the additional length it brings, but merely as fashion statement to prove you can afford the additional metal. Both ride in elegance and style with the Gods, the Phantom is out of this world.  Check out the best luxury cars for rent, also top luxury cars for sale are also available.

rent mercedes

Mercedes-Maybach S600

Priced at $189,350, you get great value for luxury. Mercedes makes a powerful statement with the new Maybach S600. The results are nothing short of amazing.  Undoubtedly, the benchmark for big luxury salon, the other brands Audi, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac and even Jaguar and Maserati need to try and keep pace.  Besides a couple of engines and the transmission, it’s practically all-new.

In lieu of sporty performance and handling, comfort, safety and driver assistance come to the fore. There are two wheelbases, the long one offering astounding back seat comfort. The 523-hp 6.0-liter biturbo V-12 delivers a torque across its entire rev range, for acceleration that’s seamless and effortless. Combined with a smooth 7-speed automatic transmission, response is instant whether merging into traffic or passing on a highway. An ECO Start/Stop system and other advance technologies also add to its efficiency. The body utilizes plenty of aluminium to pare weight below the last one.

The drive experience lends more to awesome quietness and ride suppleness than on the engaging side.  The V12 is perfectly capable of getting along smartly, and the adaptive dampers compliment well indeed. But the steering has no feel – its hallmark appears to be immense directional stability at accelerated speeds. The V12’s fully active suspension is usually even softer, but has a selectable mode that will delete roll and understeer.  You can see why it’s on the list for 5 best luxury cars. You can also rent the Maybach for a couple days if you want to see luxurious this car really is.

rent bentley mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne

Priced at $303,700, meet the luxury ride of your life. Say hello to ultra, luxurious comfort at its finest.  Bentley’s flagship is not a huge seller, so this is a rare beast. However, it’s all relative – a $303,700 saloon is never going to just fly out of the door like the VW Golf. Except, maybe in China, where Bentley can’t feed its growing dealership network fast enough. The Mulsanne’s new, too, introduced in 2010, which is still relatively new for Bentley standards.

The first thing you observe is the incredible scale factor. Normally, it’s fairly obvious where the upright front ends, but its width may prove troublesome on narrower roads.  Beneath the lengthy bonnet resides a 6.75-litre V8 with a pair of turbochargers in assistance.  Despite its weight, the Mulsanne is still very rapid. All in all, this ride is simply to die for.  Check out affordable luxury car rental at your finger tips.

rent range rover hse

Range Rover Supercharged LWB

Priced at £106,250, only a small price for a taste of heaven. Many folks consider it the best luxury off-roader on the market.  Who would argue?  The latest version of Land Rover’s full-size Range Rover, this time powered with a new aluminum monocoque that cost the company upwards of a billion to develop.  Enough said! It’s slightly larger but lighter than its predecessor.  It is faster, more efficient and much more enjoyable to drive than the previous version.

Finally, a car manufacturer delivers as promised.  The brand new Range Rover steers with more fluidity, controls its body better via standard air suspension and ‘active lean’ software and rides with the exceptional balance of a limo.  Be sure to give us a call you can rent the Range Rover HSE.

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BMW 750i

Priced at $81,300, luxury and style at a bargain. A hugely crucial car for BMW, is this all-new 7-Series. BMW reckons its big-limo buyers run a mile from anything too radical-looking, so therefore, it’s practically identical to the old one.  However, things get very interesting indeed beneath the body work.

BMW offers a unique bodyshell.  BMW utilized techniques and production methods devised for the i3 and i8 to trim 40kg from the 7’s chassis, which incorporates bits of carbon fibre for increased stiffness, strength and lightness. All in all, the new model is lighter and more streamlined than its predecessor.  The ride is awesome, a class above as always. The 5 best luxury cars are also the best luxury cars for rent.

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