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The French auto maker Bugatti infamous for holding the title of world’s fastest production car is at it again. The New Bugatti Chiron was recently reveled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The new Bugatti will be faster, more powerful and of course, more expensive. “We have made the best even better” says Wolfgang Dürheimer,President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. The Chiron is Bugatti’s modern interpretation of the DNA that embodies Bugatti’s new design style. The styling of this new super car emphasize the performance aspect of Bugatti. Bugatti is part of Volkswagen they will produce just 500 of the first Chiron series, one third of them have already found a home. The company started presentations to it’s elite customers sometime last fall.

bugatti chiron blue
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bugatti chiron 2016
new bugatti chiron 2016
bugatti 2016
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Bugatti Chiron Exterior

The motto adopted by the Bugatti designers for the Chiron was “Form follows Performance”. The new design language is characterized by extremely large surfaces, which are seperated by pronounced lines. Most of these design elements have a technical reason for being there and have been designed to fully showcase the increasing performance of the Chiron. The car has an adaptive suspension that can be lifted when needed.

bugatti chiron rentals
bugatti rentals


The Chiron is a monster but don’t underestimate this super fast exotic car. The interior is hand crafted to perfection using only the finest materials including carbon fiber, aluminum, and exotic leathers. The new Bugatti hyper car comes equipped with an analog speedometer designed to look like an expensive time piece. The steering wheel host a number of buttons including the start button, performance buttons, and media control, allowing the driver to have quick access at your fingertips. The center console has several knobs for climate control and speed tuning settings as well. Each Bugatti is a one of a kind marvel that allows buyers to customize almost every feature to your liking. The car is practically tailored to each customer like a suit.

bugatti chiron side
bugatti chiron back
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bugatti blue side


The new model will have 1,500 HP, which exceeds the Bugatti Veyron by 300hp. We have yet to find out the top speed of this marvel of engineering but it will have a governor that will not allow the car to surpass 260mph. Why would you want to faster than that anyways? In order to increase performance by 25 percent almost every part of the Chiron was analyzed and re-developed . The newly developed W16 engine of the Bugatti Chiron develops an unbelievable 1,500 bps from its 8 litres of displacement. The engine gains its maximum torque of 1,600 Nm thanks to the turbocharger which Bugatti actually developed in house. The car is equipped with 4 turbochargers are now double-powered and already guarantee maximum torque at 2,000 rpm, and the torque is maintained at this level all the way up to 6,000 rpm. The result is extraordinary acceleration which only comes to an end in the twilight zone somewhere beyond the 248mph mark.


Good things don’t come cheap, the Chiron is estimated to cost around $2.6 Million dollars making the Chiron one of the most expensive production cars in the world. The cost is just $300,000 dollars more than the Koenigsegg Regera that will be selling for $2.34 million dollars. We’re very excited to see the car in person and can’t wait to add this car to our fleet. We do have the Bugatti Veyron for rent for $30,000 a day. Seems like Bugatti has once again set the bar for the most expensive car in the world. For more info on the car you can visit Bugatti’s website.

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