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If your a VIP and want to travel in one of the most secure luxury cars in the world the all new armored black Mercedes-Benz S-class the S600 Pullman Guard is the perfect vehicle. The latest addition to the 80-year line of bullet proof Mercedes vehicles is based on the W222 S-class Mercedes and offers complete protection against automatic-weapons that use 7.62 x 51 mm rounds. The Pullman Guard has all the luxury you can expect from the s600 Maybach like a state of the art sound system and massage seats. For Head of state and presidential figures that require a higher level of security Mercedes is now offering this one of a kind, Maybach.

bullet proof mercedes-benz

Don’t be fooled by the exterior appearance as you won’t be able to tell the difference between the Armoured version from outside. The S600 Pullman Guard offers VR9 protection which is certified for blast resistance thank to the reinforced underbody plating. The Airmatic suspension has also been reinforced with a second set of air springs in the front and steel springs in the rear. It also comes equipped with Michelin PAX run flats that can drive with zero pressure for over 18 miles.The passenger compartment also has dark tinted windows and optional window curtains for extra privacy. Some other options include a heated windshield and side windows, an automatic fire-suppression system, and hidden flashing lights

bullet proof mercedes-benz maybach

The Pullman guard has a 530-hp twin-turbo V-12 under the hood to take help you escape quickly away from danger. Yet the top speed is limited to 99 mph. The engine has a displacement of 5,980 ccm, and produces a peak torque of 830 Nm from 1,900 rpm. You will also find the same seven-speed automatic and semi-autonomous driving functions from the standard S600 Pullman. The Mercedes-Benz Guard lineup also includes the S600 Guard, plus E, G, and M-class versions. Although we do not have any of the S-Guard or Pullman editions for rent you can always rent a Mercedes and see why they are in such high demand.

armoured mercedes maybach s600

Inside the Armoured Pullman, you will get the same interior space and amenities as the standard Pullman Mercedes limo. The laminated polycarbonate windows are several times thicker providing uncompromised protection. Each window requires it’s own hydraulic motor due to the weight of the glass. The rear window is not only bullet proof but also has a steel bulkhead positioned behind the seats in the head rest area. With the push of a button, you can activate the oxygen system that seals all exterior vents and delivers clean air to the occupants.

armoured mercedes s600 Pullman Guard
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