Rent and exotic car vs buy

Buy, Lease, or Rent an exotic car?

So you finally decided to upgrade to a brand new exotic car. The first question that pops into your head is should I buy, lease or rent an exotic car. If you’re a car enthusiast like we are then you also having a hard time trying to decide which car to get. Should you get a Ferrari and keep it classy or go flashy with a Lamborghini, or maybe you would prefer a luxurious car like a Rolls Royce that you can stroll to your next event while jamming to some classic tunes. Unless you are uber-wealthy and collect cars buying is out of the question. The only exotic and luxury cars that are worth buying are limited edition models that are stored in garages and usually appear in auctions several years later commanding a hefty price tag.

Leasing Vs. Exotic car rental Prices

Leasing is another option but usually requires a downpayment of $20,000 or more not to mention a monthly payment that you will need to keep up with for the next 4 years. For example, you can lease a Rolls Royce Dawn today for $30,000 down and $2,999 a month for the next 48 months. If you’re working hard all the time then you chances are you don’t usually have enough time to drive the RR around and it sits in your garage while you travel from country to country city to city trying to expand your empire.

Exotic Car Maintenance

An oil change in a Rolls Royce Phantom or a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster does not come cheap. Any high end exotic car is going to run you around $2000 for just a basic oil change. You will also have to worry about brake replacements and tire changes that can cost a pretty penny. While you’re out on trips you will also need a secure place to store your exotic car to keep it away from thieves trying to take the car for a joy ride.