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Over 75 million people travel to the United States each year and about 41 percent of international visitors who entered the US fly into New York, Miami, Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Luxury car rental is popular among people traveling here from around the globe. Highly successful Celebrities and Executives are accustomed to driving or being driven in an exotic or luxury car. The problem is having a Ferrari or Rolls-Royce in every city you travel to is not only ludicrously expensive it doesn’t make sense from a financial perspective.

Where can you rent a luxury car?

Diamond Exotic Rentals offers customers an easy solution to this problem. With our luxury car hire service you can drive any car you want in whatever city your traveling too. We are partnered with the top local exotic rental car agencies in the US. Instead of having to call different places and hassle with different car rental companies near you to find your dream car rental, just call us. With our partner network we have access to over 500 exotic cars and luxury autos for rent nationwide. We know that the most valuable thing in the world for a successful person is time.  Which is why diamond exotic rentals is here to save our customers time by having everything set up and ready to go. Just give one of our concierge specialist some info on the car rental your looking for and they will get back to you within minutes with availability  and pricing. 

Exotic car rental prices

How much does it cost to rent a Lamborghini?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get asked. You can rent a lambo with us for as little as $995 a day for a gallardo or if your looking to go all out you can rent a Lamborghini Aventador roadster for $2,499 per day. Lamborghini rental is one of our most popular request because they just look sexy. The Aventador offers the classic Lamborghini doors that has become so popular among car enthusiast. Lamborghini rental prices can vary from city to city and is also dependent on the seasons. 

What’s the cost to rent a Ferrari?

The prancing horse is our other most requested exotic car rentals in Miami and Los Angeles. The ferrari 458 Italia goes for around $995 and the new Ferrari 488 GTB rental price comes in at around $1995 per day. The Cost to rent a Ferrari depends on the model you choose and what city your renting it in. 

Can I rent a rolls Royce for a day?

In NYC our customer really seem to enjoy are the Rolls-Royce Chauffer service. For proms and weddings in NYC we are the go to agency. You can also rent a rolls Royce for ghost for $1995 per day if your the time of person that prefers to drive. We have several other luxury brands available in New York such as Bentley and BMW models. 

The top 5 reasons to rent a luxury car. 

  • Switch cars every weekend. There are so many beautiful cars that come out every year it’s so hard to decide which is your favorite. Using our services you won’t need to decide on a car because every weekend you can have a different luxury car delivered to your home or business.
  • Always available. We always have cars available in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. From Lamborghini to Rolls-Royce your dream car is just a phone call away. 
  • No storage cost. Exotic cars require special treatment including storage in a safe place with the right temperature and security to make sure your car is safe. 
  • Less Maintance. No need to change brakes, rebuild the transmission or change those costly perreli tires. 
  • Cheaper Than buying. The down payment alone for a rolls Royce or a Lamborghini is around $30,000. Then you’ll have to fork out 4-5k every month just to have it parked in your garage.
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