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The Ferrari cittadella has become completely redesigned and renovated during a project begun within the 1990s with the purpose of creating a dynamic complex developed in harmony with the needs of the business workforce. This is surely an ongoing project and encompasses sets from the layout from the buildings to the actual pathways for each people and parts alike, the functionality from the various activities executed, and, most importantly of, the well-being from the people that do your work.
Some of the actual world’s finest designers have been mixed up in various stages from the campus’s development which began with the Renzo Piano-designed Wind flow Tunnel where real road and course conditions are simulated in order to hone our path and track cars. The Luigi Sturchio-designed Completely new Logistics building could be the nerve centre of transportation and supply operations relating straight away to the Scuderia Ferrari’s actions. while Marco Visconti is liable for the gleaming Completely new Mechanical Machining Place (New Engine Machining Area) exactly where our 8 and also 12-cylinder engine components are made in surroundings through which cutting-edge machine instruments are interspersed together with green areas not only to manufacture a more attractive workplace but to modify its microclimate.

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