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Ferrari has just raised the bar for exotic roadsters with there new LaFerrari Aperta. The New LaFerrari is a limited-edition special series model. The technicians at Ferrari focused there efforts on the chassis and aerodynamics to bring you a convertible that delivers the same performance, beam stiffness, torsional rigidity and drag coefficient characteristics as the coupé we all love.


LaFerrari Aperta Exterior

The LaFerrari Aperta’s styling features keeps the essential characteristics as the coupé. It is a absolutely extremely futuristic looking car that seamlessly integrates form and function while still retaining that classic Ferrari look. The aerodynamic challenge for Ferrari’s technicians was to retain the coupé’s signature speed even while driving topless.

The high-speed air flow that would normally enter the cabin from having the top removed is captured by an angled wind-stop fixed behind the driver. The wind-stop was created at an angle in order to channel the flow of air through spaces in the car’s interior before exiting behind the seats. One of the only significant differences between the coupé and the roadster is the door rotation system that opens at a slightly different angle when fully opened.



The dynamic control systems integrated with the active aerodynamics have not been changed. The These systems are integrated and constantly working with the car’s other dynamic control systems, allowing for a superior level of performance and handling. The Aperta sports Pirelli P-Zero tires that assure the ultimate grip when this prancing horse is on the move.



The Aperta uses the LaFerrari’s hybrid powertrain which combines a 6.3 liter V12 engine with a 120 kW electric motor, for a total power of output of 950 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. Due to the HY-KERS system, that was adapted from Formula 1 to be used for road use. This prancing pony packs the most high performance and efficiency of any Ferrari they’ve ever built. The HY-KERS system seamlessly integrates the V12 engine and the electric motor. The result is performance numbers that compare to those of the F1 car with the same torque density and the same 94% efficiency. This equals to a 0-62 mph of 3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 217 mph. The engine is paired with a seven-speed, dual-clutch sequential manual transmission with a rear-wheel drive setup.


The Aperta is rumored to have been sold for around $1.7 million. Don’t get your hopes up of buying one of these marvels of engineering because all 200 are accounted for already. However you can always rent a Ferrari 488 GTB if you want to see what driving a Ferrari is all about.

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