Lamborghini and MIT collaborate on the Terzo Millennio Hypercar.

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The Italian supercar company we all love has partnered up with MIT in order to create an all-new concept car which incorporates an electric power terrain. The future of Lamborghini seems to be leaning towards renewable energy as time passes. The future of Lamborghini and MIT collaboration reveled Terzo Millennio, an electric hypercar concept with some really bold ideas under its hood. At first glance, the Lamborghini influence is apparent with a variety of swoops, slants and aggressive edges. The Terzo Millennio is more than just a beautiful electric concept car it was actually made. As the automotive world continues to push toward renewable energy this electric Lambo might actually become a reality.

Terzo Millennio’s

On November 6th, Lamborghini revealed that it will be dabbling with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to produce electric powertrains in the future. The Terzo Millennio is the first super sports car concept with an electric drive terrain. The collaboration is supposed to advance energy storage and combine advanced materials to provide the supercar of the future. The complete carbon fiber body of the Terzo Millennio’s will provide space for reserve energy stores. The monocoque construction will provide a new design direction combining 3D printing technology and advanced building material compositions. The car will have a self-driving mode as well as a manual mode that requires the driver to drive through a special virtual driving course before handing over manual control back to the driver as a safety feature.

electric Lamborghini

The first thing you’ll notice is that the headlights have shrunk to two small lights as well as led light strips that adorn the front bumper. The super extreme design is aggressive even for a Lamborghini and surely looks like a car of the future by any stretch. The list of prestigious experts that are working on the project starts with two MIT departments: the Department of Chemistry’s Dinca Research Lab, lead by professor Mircea Dinca, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Mechanosynthesis Group lead by professor John Hart. Lamborghini’s put there best talent to work including Maurizio Reggiani, global research and development director, and Mitja Borkert, director of the brand special Centro Stile division.

With energy weight and storage being the root of the problem for electric cars study centers are focusing on supercapacitors that will provide optimum power and regeneration of energy while greatly adding to the energy system’s lifecycle. The supercapacitors are set to revolutionize the way they capture and release energy. The carbon fiber body will house a reserve energy. The reserve energy will be pushed individually to each of the four motors. The car is also said to be equipped with a special chemical that can seal minor defects and weak points using self-healing on-board diagnostics.

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