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If your ready to splurge on an ultra luxurious car rental in LA then here are the top luxury car rentals in Beverly Hills

Have you ever dreamed of driving a convertible Rolls Royce down rodeo drive? What to experience the same feeling celebrities get when driving around in a Bentley? Beverly Hills is one of the top destinations for renting high end luxury cars. The beautiful weather, celebrity encounters and opulent lifestyles makes it a place where most of customers want to go above and beyond. We can find you almost any luxury car that you ever dreamed of driving but here are some of the most requested luxury car rental request we get in Beverlly Hills.

Rolls Royce Cullinan rental Beverly Hills

Rolls-Royce-rental-Beverly Hills

Ever since it was released the all new Rolls Royce SUV has been a popular rental option in LA. The Rolls Royce Cullinan rental has been a big hit partly becuase it’s new a secondly becuase it provides a tremedous amount of space for you and your guest. This is the most luxurious SUV on the planet combining the features of a luxury sedan with additional head room and pplenty of storge for luggage. You can rent the Rolls Royce Cullinan in Beverly Hills for just $2499 per day.  Get behind the wheel of this Rolls Royce SUV today.

Lamborghini URUS rental

Lamborghini-rental-beverly Hills

The most exotic looking luxury SUV in the world is by far the Lamborghini URUS. It looks like a spaceship on the outside with its extreme styling cues and sharp lines. Inside it is equipped with a full luxury leather interior and enough space for 5 passengers. Ever since it’s introduction it has become a popular car to rent in Beverly Hills. The Lamborghini URUS is available for daily rentals, weekend, weekly, as well as monthly rentals. We offer several promotional rates for customers that are looking for long term luxury car rentals. The daily rate for the URUS is $1995 per day but pricing may vary based on availability.

NEW Mercedes G63 rental


The new Mercedes G63 got a slight refresh both outside and inside. It continues to be one of the most mopular luxury SUV rentals due to its large size, iconic design and lower price point then the Cullinan or URUS. The most notible diffrence comes when you step in side and see the giant screens that were previously integrated in the S550 and E550 models. This is an iconic car to rent and we offer various promotions if your looking to rent the G63 for multiple days.

Rolls Royce Dawn

Rent a Rolls Royce Beverly Hills

LA seems to always have the most beautoiful weather. If you want to be in tuned with nature and feel the sun shine down on you then the Rolls Royce Dawn could be a gret option for you. The Dawn is the most luxurious convertible that you can rent in Beverly Hills. Step inside and you wont need to reach for the door. There is a button on the dash that you simply hold down and the door closes for you. You won’t want a driver for this Rolls Royce. If your looking to travel in style when driving down Beverly Hills then the Rolls Royce Dawn rental is a beautiful luxury converible to consider.