Rent Aston Martin Rapide Philadelphia


    MSRP: $207,895
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 4.2 sec
    MPG: City 9/ 19
    Engine: 6 lt
    Horsepower: 552

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About the Aston Martin Rapide Philadelphia

The Aston Martin Rapide is the English super car maker’s entrant into the four door high luxury segment market. The Rapide features a unique passenger arrangement and a pair of rear doors. In 2010 Rapide evolved their unmistakable design features to a worldwide level of pristine luxury four door vehicle. They have achieved where so many had failed and created a truly beautiful four-door sports car. They created the world’s most beautiful four-door sports car.

The ‘Golden Ratio’ sits at the heart of every Aston Martin made. Balanced from every angle, each exterior line of the Rapide works in conjunction and every proportion is precisely measured to create a truly beautiful form. The engineers at Aston Martin follow the same principle. A near perfect weight distribution gives the Rapide  balanced form and function

The Aston Martin fuses power and luxury and combines them seamlessly. An Four door Aston Martin with the power and handling of a coupe. Designed for grace and poise, Aston Martin Rapide is also engineered for dynamic performance. An aerodynamic profile, enhanced by the new rear wing, smooths exterior airflow to increase performance and efficiency. Comfortable as a luxurious GT or a nimble sports car, you instantly realise that the Rapide was designed to be driven not parked in a garage.

The Aston Martin grille is world-renowned, instantly respected and recognized.  Machined by hand from aluminium, the imposing grille gives Rapide an inimitable front profile. The engineers at Aston Martin ensured that this new grille doesn’t only look beautiful, it’s also the largest production grille in the world to meet pedestrian protection requirements.

Aston Martin balances style, and luxury with power unlike any other automobile company, creating luxury cars that are both stunning and timeless. With fewer than 2,000 models produced renting an Aston-Martin Rapide is a rare opportunity to drive a rare four door luxury car.All the door handles are set flush to the body to improve aerodynamics.

Don’t worry about storing your luggage as the rear seats can be electronically lowered which increases the trunk room to 750 Why not rent an Aston-Martin Rapide while enjoying your time in the US!