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Luxury and Exotic car rental- The ultimate guide to hire premium cars

Most people wonder what it would feel like to drive their dream car for a day or for the weekend. Whether your traveling for a family vacation, business trip, or just to visit a new city, the majority of the time you’re going to need a way to get around. Sure you can rent a cheap car with a major car rental agency, but for those who want to make their trip unforgettable, there are some exciting options to explore. If you don’t mind splurging a little and want to experience the city behind the wheel of your dream car, we can connect you to some of the most beautiful masterpieces of automotive engineering.
Think about the last time you were exploring a new city and needed to rent a car. With so many rental car services available you probably felt overwhelmed and confused. Most of us just go online and type best luxury car rental service or exotic car rental near me in the search engines but usually the results can vary. There are so many factors to consider when you want to rent a luxury car or exotic car. You want to make sure you don’t get ripped off becuase you will probablly be spending a substamtial amount of money and dont want to end up driving a car that is in bad condition or worse yet get your money stolen.
Through our Exotic car rental partners, we provide access to the latest exotic car rentals and luxury car rentals in the USA. We provide access to over 100 exotic and luxury cars available for rent in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francsico, Philadelphia, Boston and Miami. You can choose from the top car manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Cadillac, Maybach, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mclaren, Aston Martin, Tesla, Jaguar, and Bugatti. We have developed this step by step guide to the luxury and exotic car rental process to help you make the most informed decision when renting your dream car

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What is a Luxury Car Rental or Exotic Car Rental?

There are two types of car rentals that you can choose. Luxury car rentals are more spacious with subtle design cues that are timeless. Luxury cars can be rented for Prom, Wedding, Corporate events, Birthdays or any occasion that you want to make extra special. These cars have plenty of power behind the wheel but are meant for cruising and not geared for speed.

Definition: According to Wikipedia the definition of a luxury vehicle is “A luxury vehicle is intended to provide passengers (and often the driver) with increased comfort, a higher level of equipment and increased perception of quality than regular cars”

Some examples of luxury car rentals are the Rolls Royce Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Ghost, Mercedes s600 Maybach, Mercedes S550, Mercedes G63, Bentley Mulsanne, and Bentley GTC

Some examples of exotic car rentals are the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, McLaren 650s, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 488 Spider, Lamborghini URUS, Porsche 911 Cabriolet, and BMW i8

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Documents required for Luxury Car Rental

Before choosing a luxury or exotic car to rent you need to make sure you have the proper documents. Here is a list of all the documents you will need when you rent a car.

Drivers Licence

The most crucial is to have a valid drivers license issued by the state you live in. If you are traveling from another country you need to provide a license from the country you live in,  as well as a valid passport. An international drivers license is also accepted in most states but you should call someone on our concierge team to verify.

Driving History

If you have a history of DUI or reckless driving in your record most companies will refuse your rental. We want to make sure that anyone driving one of these pricy cars is responsible so that the car comes back in one piece. Depending on the situation we can sometimes offer you a less expensive luxury car but chances are that the security deposit will be higher. Either way, you can call us and we would be happy to discuss your car rental options.

Proof of Insurance

So your probably wondering what type of insurance is required when renting a high performance car. Luxury and Exotic cars come with a high price tag. So when you hire an exotic or luxury car for the weekend it’s important to have the right insurance in the event that you should get into an accident. In order to rent an exotic car or a luxury car in most cities you are required to have an existing full coverage insurance policy on one of the cars you own. Chances are if you lease a vehicle you already have the proper insurance to rent a luxury car. One thing most people don’t realize is that your current insurance will usually cover the cost of any car you are driving. In some cities, we do provide extra insurance coverage but this service is primarily intended for international travelers. You don’t need to drive a Ferrari back home for your insurance to cover a Ferrari rental. Even with a less expensive car like a Toyota or Chevy most companies cover you when you drive exotic car rental. The most important thing is to have the proper coverage limits.

Declaration Page

The easiest way for us to verify your insurance is by providing us a declaration page. You can contact your car insurance in advance and ask them to email you a copy of your declaration page. This document outlines the dollar amount of insurance coverage and saves us time on the insurance verification process. Some insurance companies require for the customer to call in order to get a copy of the declaration page. You can also provide a copy of your insurance card that shows your policy number and someone on the concierge team can call and verify your coverage limits.

Coverage Limits

The proper insurance coverage required is 300,000 in damages and $100,000 in bodily injury. If your current policy does not have these limits you can always give them a call and increase your coverage limits while you have the car and put them back to normal once you return the car. If you lease a car or your car is financed with the bank chances are you already have these limits on your policy.

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Selecting the budget

Figuring out how much you want to spend daily is an important part of the car rental process. You can rent cars starting from $200 a day up to $25,000 per day. You don’t have to need to have an exact number but figuring out how much you would like to spend per day can help the concierge team figure out the best cars they can find you in your price range. We are always here to help so don’t hesitate to call us regarding any questions you might have about the car rental process.

Here are some examples of average luxury and exotic car rental prices:

BMW 2 Series $200 per day, Range Rover HSE $499 per day, Lamborghini Huracan $1,000 per day, Bentley Bentayga $1495 per day, Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster $2,499 per day, Rolls Royce Cullinan $2,400 per day, Bugatti Veyron $25,000 per day.

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Luxury Car Rental Locations

We provide exotic car rental services in Miami, NYC, Vegas, LA, Philly, Boston, San Francisco, and San Diego. Every city has different prices and regulations but most of the car rental processes are standard across every location. Some locations provide a wider variety of exotic and luxury cars due to the high demand. Every location varies and cars are always being moved around so calling us is the best way to get avalability and price options. We aim to provide exceptional customer service experience to all of our clients and are always happy to answer any questions.

Miami car rental

Miami is the most popular destination for exotic car rentals and luxury car rentals. Due to the high demand, Miami offers the most variety of exotic and luxury vehicles. Brickell, Wynwood, Coral Gables, Downtown Miami, Ocean Drive, and South Beach are just some of the cool places you can cruise by when you rent an exotic car in Miami Beach. When you drive down ocean drive you will see plenty of exotic cars parked on the right and left-hand side. Exotic car rental in Miami has never been easier.

NYC car rental

The big apple is another popular place for luxury car rentals and chauffeurs. Most people prefer to be chauffeured in a Rolls Royce Ghost but there are plenty of exotic car rentals and luxury car rentals available if you prefer to drive. The best thing about getting chauffeured is that you do not need to provide insurance or leave any security deposit. We have plenty of cars you can rent in New York and drive to the Hamptons in the summer. New York car rentals are just a phone call away.

Los Angeles car rental

Beverly Hills is almost as popular as Miami for exotic car rentals. We can’t think of a better way to explore LA besides driving a convertible Ferrari rental or Exotic rental. Drive by Rodeo drive and you’ll see plenty of exotic and luxury cars driving around. Los Angeles is home to many celebrities from all around the world and the weather is beautiful which makes it a premier car rental destination. Exotic car rentals in Beverly Hills are just a phone call away.

Vegas car rental

Vegas is one of the coolest places for exotic car rentals. There is nothing more thrilling than driving a convertible Lamborghini down the Vegas strip. You can also take a tour of the grand canyon in a Lambo or rolls Royce rental cars. From exotic to luxury cars Vegas is a fun destination to experience your dream car. Vegas exotic car rentals are available whenever you need them.

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Pickup and Drop off

We offer free delivery to most international and private airports. The only place where delivery is not included in the rental cost is New York, Philly, Boston, San Francisco, and San Deigo. We do provide door to door delivery for a fee to up to 10 miles away from the closest location. The fee to drop off and delivery varies based on where you would like the car delivered to and how far it is from the nearest location that has the car you are looking for.

For Miami, Vegas, and Los Angeles we offer FREE delivery to all major airports. We can also provide one-way pickup. In some cities like Los Angeles, you can drive the car from LA to Vegas and we can pick it up at your final destination although this will incur a fee to return the vehicle.

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Security Deposit to Hire a Luxury or Exotic Car

In almost every city besides Vegas, you will need to provide a security deposit. The amount can vary depending on the value of the car you are renting. For higher end, exotic car rentals like the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster the security deposit can be as high as $10,000. E

ven though you provide insurance most of these cars have extremely high deductibles so contacting the insurance is not always the best option. It also brings down the value of the car so most exotic car rental services prefer to use the security deposit instead of the insurance to cover any damages.

Minimum Time

The minimum amount of time you can rent a car is 24 hours in most cities. Some companies require you to rent the car for at least 48 hours during busy season. The reason for the higher minimum requirement is because if we rent the car for one day we might miss a 2 or three-day rental that is required the next day for the same car. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and although we do work with anyone our returning customers usually get priority on what car they prefer to rent. Vegas is the only exception where you can rent an exotic or a luxury car for just 4 hours if you desire.

Some people just want to rent a car for a photo shoot or movie shoot but unfortunately, we do require a minimum of 24 hours for every city besides Vegas. If you only want the car for a couple of hours we can accommodate pickup earlier but you will still be charged for the full day.

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The Cost to Rent a Luxury or Exotic Car

Have you ever wondered what it would cost to rent a luxury car or exotic car?  The cost to rent a car can vary from season to season and from city to city. New York has some of the highest exotic car rental prices when compared to Los Angeles and Miami. For Philly and Boston, you will be required to pay an additional transportation fee because the closest car rental locations are located between New York City and New Jersey. San Francisco and San Diego also require additional delivery fees because the closest locations are in Beverly Hills CA. We have a section with estimate car rental cost for certain cars if you want more info regarding pricing.

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