Luxury Car Rentals vs Exotic Car Rentals?

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Which option is better suited for you?

 Exotic Car Rentals:

  • Very unique styling that makes everyone turn heads

  • Powerful engines but can usually only accommodate 2 people

  • Most of the value is placed on the engine and styling features

Luxury Car Rentals:

  • Elegant vehicles that cater towards comfort and elegance.

  • Large luxurious vehicles that can accommodate 5 or more passengers and have a large luggage capacity

  • Beautiful interiors with the latest technology incorporated. Some even have a hidden umbrella.

What is the difference?

When comparing Exotic car rental and Luxury car rental, you can see that they both have different unique renting features. Exotic cars are the stylish, fast, head turning machines that are not seen very often because of their limited production quantities and the very high cost that come along with them. With an exotic car rental, you are not only renting style and power, but also the very best engineering masterpieces that are available in the automotive industry. Luxury car rentals typically offer more spaciousness and are geared towards a larger group that needs to accommodate several luggage items. The styles of the interior and exterior are very sleek but still very classy. The interiors are lined with hand stitched leather and exotic interior finishes throughout the car.

Why choose exotic car rental?

Diamond Exotic Rentals has many exotic cars for you select from. If your traveling to New York, Los Angeles, Miami or any of the surrounding areas we can help you choose the right luxury or exotic car to rent. If you do not mind making heads turn as you drive the streets in one of rarest vehicles around, these exotic car rentals are definitely for you. Some of the most popular exotic cars in our fleet include:

  • Lamborghini Aventador Rental
  • Ferrari 458 italia Rental
  • Audi r8 Rental
  • Lamborghini Huracan Rental
  • BMW i8 rental

Why choose luxury car rental?

Enjoy the many features, added space, extra comfort, and safety and security. If you do not normally drive a luxury car, now is your chance to try one out in one while you’re traveling in the Usa. Travel in pure luxury, elegance, class, and most of all, supreme comfort when you reserve your luxury car rental! Some of the most popular luxury cars in our fleet include:

  • Rent Rolls Royce Wraith Rental

  • Rent Rolls Royce Ghost

  • Rent Rolls Royce Drop Head

  • Rent Bentely GTC

  • Rent Mercedes S550

What cities are these cars available in?

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