With a 95-year heritage, Bentley Motors builds powerful, handcrafted luxury cars.

Bentley Rental Cost & Availability.

How much does it cost to rent a Bentley? Bentley rental prices can range anywhere between $795-$1659 per day. The cost is based on the Bentley model you choose to rent. Bentley is one of the most premier luxury car rental options to choose from. With models such as the Bentley GTC and Bentley Bentayga being the most requested rentals. We provide special discounted pricing for long-term Bentley rentals and also offer short-term leases if required. With our luxury car rental programs, you can drive a new Bentley every month. If you are a car enthusiast then our luxury rental car service is for you. You won’t have to worry about owning a depreciating asset, storage or maintenance cost. Call us today and we’ll have any one of our Bentley luxury car rentals delivered to your location of choice. We’ll have a beautiful luxury car waiting for you at your gate when you arrive on your next trip to Miami, NYC, Vegas, LA, Philly, Boston, NJ, San Diego, or San Francisco.

Bentley Rental Miami

Miami’s beautiful weather all year long make it one of the top places for Bentley rentals. You can rent a Bentley in Miami for a day or rent a Bentley for an entire month with our long term luxury car rental service. Choose from a variety of Bentley’s like the all new Bentley GTC or the Bentley Bentayga. The new Bentley GTC is a beautiful luxury car rental to drop the top and enjoy the beuatiful weather in South Beach. We offer free delivery anywhere in Miami, Miami Beach and Miami International Airport.

Bentley Rental Los Angeles

Beverly Hills is another top destination to experience our Bentley rental program. You can choose from various models like the Bentley truck or the all-new Bentley GT convertible. Regardless of the model, you choose you will be traveling in style down rodeo drive. The Bentley Bentayga aka Bentley truck has plenty of room for you and all your passengers to explore Los Angeles in style. Call us today and we can deliver your favorite Bentley rental at Los Angeles International Airport.

Bentley Rental Las Vegas

Bentley rental in Las Vegas is a fun way to get around the Vegas strip. We can deliver your favorite Bentley to any hotel on the Las Vegas strip free of charge. Make your next trip to Vegas unforgetable the next time you’re in town. Whether you are planning a family trip or an unforgettable night with friends on the vegas strip you can drive around town in a beautiful Bentley convertible.

Bentley Rental New York

Drive your favorite Bentley in NYC today! We can provide you with the best Bentley rentals in the big apple. Experience our New York Bentley rental program for exclusive access to the best luxury car rentals. Don’t settle for a regular rental car when you can drive your dream car in NY this weekend. We have special discounted rates for long term Bentley rentals as well. Our door to door delivery service is availble to drop off your favorite Bentley rentals at JFK Airport or LaGuardia Airport.

Bentley Rental San Francisco

Drop the top and explore San Francisco in one of the most luxurious convertibles in the world. We have several Bentley rentals that can be delivered to your hotel, home or business in San Francisco. Choose from the Bentley SUV or expeirence the all new redesigned Bentley GTC. We also provide delivery services to San Francisco international Airport so your car will be waiting when you arrive.

Bentley Rental San Diego

Rent a Bentley Continental GT or Bentley Bentayga in San Diego and enjoy these luxurious motor cars. Cruise around San Diego in the comfort of your dream car. We have a variety of Bentley models to choose from. We are committed to providing the best Bentley rental service in San Diego. You’re going to love driving around San Diego in the comfort of one of these ultra-luxurious motor cars.

Bentley Rental Philadelphia

Explore Philly in the driver’s seat of your favorite Bentley convertible or SUV. We have several models available for your enjoyment. We provide door to door delivery of any of our Bentley rentals in Philadelphia. The Bentley GTC is the most popular luxury convertible we have for rent in Philly. There’s never been a better time then now to experience the comfort and power of one of these marvelous vehicles.

Bentley Rental Boston

Boston is another beautiful city where you can experience our premier Bentley rental services.