Nothing illustrates the history of legendary cars better than the BMW. Rent a BMW today.

BMW Rental Cost & Availability.

How much does it cost to rent a BMW? Our selection of BMW’s can range from $449-$1799 a day. Some of our BMW rental options also require a security deposit between $500-$3,000 during the time of your rental. The security deposit is refunded once the car is returned. The cost is determined primarily by what model BMW you choose to rent. Select from several different models such as convertible supercars, sports cars, or luxury SUV’s. Not every BMW is available in every city. Select the city above to get a more detailed list of cars available in that city. We offer discounted pricing for long-term BMW rentals and also offer short-term leases. If you would like to see what BMW rentals we offer in each city click the city below.

BMW rental Miami

Miami is a beautiful city and provides the perfect weather to enjoy a BMW convertible. With our Miami BMW rental program you can choose from your favorite BMW’s including the i8 Roadster, BMW i8, BMW M4, BMW X7, BMW X6, and the BMW M4. Rent a BMW in Miami for a day or enjoy your favorite BMW for the entire month with our long term luxury car rental service. We have a BMW for any budget from high end models to more afforable options.

BMW rental Los Angeles

With the beautiful weather in Beverly Hills, La is the perfect destination to rent a BMW. Explore a variety of models like the i8 Roadster, BMW i8, BMW M4, BMW X7, BMW X6, and the BMW M4. Our BMW rental program is available in Los Angles anytime you need it. When you ready to rent a BMW in LA give us a call and we would be happy to discuss pricing and availability.

BMW i8 Roadster

The BMW i8 roadster is the latest exotic car rental to be added to the options of BMW rentals. It looks almost identical to the coupe which has aged gracefully after being released for 1 years. The i8 concept spyder was originally showcased as a mockup with BMW having no intentions to actually release the car. At the moment it was one of the most extreme designs ever for a car and to this day still looks like a concept car. Lucy for us the engineers at BMW couldn’t resist and ended up creating the i8 roadster. The i8 Roadster is currently only available in Miami but will be available in other cities soon.

BMW i8 Coupe

The i8 Coupe hit the streets in 2014 and is still one of the coolest looking exotic cars on the street. The signature butterfly doors and concept car design continue to turn heads everywhere it goes. Although there are much more BMW i8 coupes on the street today they still look impressive. If your looking for a really cool car to rent without spending the money for a Ferrari or Lamborghini then the i8 Coupe is a great choice. The hybrid supercar is a joy to drive and is sure to make for an unforgettable journey. The i8 Coupe is available for rent in Miami, Los Angeles, Vegas, Philly, San Deigo, San Francisco and Boston

BMW M4 Convertible

The M4 has always been one of those BMW rentals that car enthusiast drool over. The performance and heritage of the M Series models have always attracted BMW enthusiast like no other car. The M4 uses Carbon Fiber reinforced plastic parts throughout the car to reduce weight while enhancing strength and agility. If you don’t want to spend too much money but still want to drive a high-performance car then the M4 is a great option. The powerful engine and German styling make for a great rental car in any city. The M4 is available for rent in Miami, Vegas and Los Angeles.


The BMW M6 Gran Coupe is a lean, mean, and powerful machine. With 560 horsepower and enough room to fit 4 people comfortably, the M6 is another BMW rental that car enthusiast goes crazy over. The carbon fiber roof with a molded air channel help keep it aerodynamic while being stunning to look at. The engine comes alive in the legendary M series, with quad exhaust sound that sound exhilarating everytime you open up the throttle. The interior is also breathtaking with touches of carbon fiber and Merino Leather.

BMW 650i

The 6 series BMW is a luxurious BMW rental with plenty of room to stretch your legs and plenty of horsepowers under the hood when you need it. Although it’s not the M series it is still a beautiful luxury car that you could rent for a business or family trip. The graceful design makes the 650 an elegant yet powerful driving machine. The high-end sound system and advanced navigation system are the latest in BMW automotive technology. Sophisticated styling and extremely good looks make this a great option for your next BMW rental.


Are you traveling with a large group then the BMW X5 rental might be more up your alley. This luxury SUV is a great option for family trips or business trips. Traveling with a lot of luggage is no problem when you rent the X5. In the rear you have plenty of space as well as the rear seats can be folded down to provide additional storage for your luggage. The BMW X5 boasts one of the largest cargo spaces found in any of our BMW rentals available. Of course, you also get the latest iDrive media system included so you can connect your phone and play your favorite tunes.