Rent BMW M6


    MSRP: $111,200
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 4.1 sec
    MPG: City 14/ 20
    Engine: 4.4 lt
    Horsepower: 560

About the BMW M6

For your next vacation, are you planning to rent a car? While it is a good feeling to sit behind a nice set of wheels that you actually own, it would be an even nicer feeling to rent BMW M6 and drive like you own it. The current third generation M6 had its debut for the model year 2013 after coming back from a two year break and in keeping with the family of M6 comes packed with features for luxury, comfort and speed. Keeping true to the standards of exotic car rentals, the BMW M6 not only has the traditional styling of the M6 range of BMW but also comes with more spacious front-seat accommodations and a more suitable trunk.

Rent a BMW M6 convertible and experience the torque-rich power of the new twin-turbo V8 engine that delivers output of 560 horsepower, which sprints from zero to 100 kilo-meters per hour in just 4,2 seconds and has a fuel capacity of 4.4 liters. While the steering and suspension are similar to other members of the M6 range, this BWM M6 delivers on top speeds of 250 kilo-meters per hour even with automatic transmission.

You will find the BMW M6 for rent at Diamond Exotic Rentals as part of their exclusive suite of luxury cars available to meet the distinctive tastes of the driving enthusiast. This BMW M6 rental is the reputed to be the most sought-after model of the 6-series BMWs, and has received rave reviews for its exceptional “shark-nose” styling, exclusive equipment, its luxurious interior, and premium performance. Rent BMW m6 today!

When you rent a BMW car, be prepared to relish a high-performance 2-door, 4-seater sports car that commands attention wherever it drives. Its powerful presence and layout is forceful yet elegant and features a power button that gives you more a faster throttle response (more kick) should you need it, that can take you, in theory, up to 330 kilo-meters per hour. People who are familiar with renting BMW’s or driving BMW’s will tell you that it’s the what sets the BMW M6 apart and places it at the top of the class in luxury sports car rentals its high-performance engine.

Despite all that power you still get a smooth ride in soft, comfortable seats and you need not be in a rush because the M6’ Navigation System will ensure that you avoid all the traffic snags, never get lost and arrive on time. So go ahead, rent a BMW M6 for a day, a week, your next vacation, that special event experience or party. Enjoy your favorite music from your CD or iPod through the cars premium sound system and iPod integration and arrive at your destination in show-stopping power, style and class.