Mercedes-Benz combines luxury and performance with full line of luxury cars.

Mercedes-Benz Rental Cost & Availability.

How much does it cost to rent a Mercedes? Mercedes luxury car rentals can range anywhere between $495-$1999 per day depending on the model and the time of year. When you rent a Mercedes for a week or more there are special pricing plans available. Monthly car rental or as many call it long-term car rental is available with FREE delivery and FREE car exchanges. Why drive the same car every month when you could drive the latest Mercedes-Benz for one month and a completely different luxury car rental the next day. We have several cars available in our Mercedes line including the Mercedes G63 Rental, Mercedes G550 Rental, Mercedes s550 rental, Mercedes SLS GT Rental, Mercedes SL63 Rental and last but not least the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Rent Mercedes today and you will not be disappointed with your auto rental. We also offer Mercedes Benz rental for prom, special events, and weddings. Don’t just rent a Mercedes the next time you’re on vacation. With Diamond Exotic Rentals we offer you the chance to rent the latest flagship models Mercedes has to offer. Our most requested Mercedes-Benz rentals are to rent a Mercedes G wagon or Mercedes Benz S550 for a week. Mercedes Benz rental is available all across the United States from New Jersey to LAX to Miami to Boston to Philly to San Fran or San Diego. Get FREE delivery for airport car rental and we’ll be waiting for you as soon as you land. Some delivery locations require an additional cost or a transportation fee.

Mercedes Rental Miami

Drive your favorite Mercedes rental in Miami this weekend. Miami Beach is a great place to experience one of the most beautiful German engineered vehicles in the world. Choose from a variety of models like the Mercedes G63, Mercedes AMG GT, Mercedes S560, Mercedes G550 squared, and the Mercedes G wagon. Miami Mercedes rental options give you the option to rent a convertible, Luxury SUV, or sedan. The most popular Mercedes rentals in Miami are the G wagon models. After you rent a Mercedes in Miami you wont to ever drive a regular luxury car rental again.

Mercedes Rental Los Angeles

If your visiting Beverly Hills or live in Los Angeles and want to rent a Mercedes we got you covered. Mercedes rentals provide a luxury car rental experience that will make your trip to LA that much more exciting. In Los Angeles we provide several Mercedes rentals including the Mercedes G63, Mercedes S560, Mercedes G550, Mercedes AMG GT sedan, Mercedes S560 Maybach, Mercedes E400 convertible, Mercedes s560 convertible, Mercedes C300 Convertible, Mercedes C300 sedan, and Mercedes A220. Experience your favorite Mercedes rentals in Los Angeles this holiday season.

Mercedes Rental New York

Experience some of the best luxury car rentals from Mercedes Benz in NYC. Choose from a variety of models including the Mercedes S550, Mercedes Maybach S600, Mercedes AMG GT, Mercedes G63, and the Mercedes G550. Whatever model you choose you to choose to rent your car rental experience will never be the same. We can deliver your favorite Mercedes Benz to any part of the tri-state area. New York Mercedes rentals are just a phone call away. If you want to rent a G wagon it’s best to call in advance as this is one of the most popular luxury SUV rentals in the big apple.

Mercedes Rental Las Vegas

Ready to drive your favorite Mercedes rentals on the Las Vegas strip? At Luxury Car Rental USA you can rent a Mercedes for as long as you wish in Vegas. From exotic car rental like the Mercedes AMG GT to luxury sedans like the Mercedes S550. Choose your favorite cars with our Vegas Mercedes rental program. We also provide luxury SUV options like the highly requested Mercedes G wagon rental. You can rent a G550 or AMG G63 version if you prefer somthing a little more exclusive. Why drive an average rental car when you can rent a luxury vehicle from one of the most premium car manufatures in the world.

Mercedes Rental San Francisco

San Franciso is a great place to rent a Mercedes. Our Mercedes rental program is available when you need it in San Francisco. The best Mercedes rentals in San Francisco include the G wagon and the Mercedes AMG GT. These are some of the most requested luxury car rentals in San Francisco.

Mercedes Rental San Diego

Another popular destination to rent a Mercedes is San Diego. We can have your favorite Mercedes rental delivered to your home or hotel in San Deigo. If your going to rent a car in San Diego why not go big with a beautiful Mercedes-Benz rental. If you need a luxury car for an extended period we also provide long term Mercedes rentals at discounted rates. Our Mercedes rental program is avalble to you the next time your in San Diego.

Mercedes Rental Philly

Philly is another place were you can take advatage of our Mercedes rental program.

Mercedes Rental Boston

Drive your favorite Mercedes in Boston this weekend. Our Mercedes rental program is availble to anyone looking to rent a Mercedes in Boston.