Rent Porsche Panamera


    MSRP: from $78,100
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 6.0 sec
    MPG: City 18 / 28
    Engine: 3.6 lt
    Horsepower: 310

About the Porsche Panamera

Doesnt matter the kind of trip you are making – long or short, for pleasure or business, or even just routine driving around the city – rent the Porsche Panamera it offers luxury in a different way. When you sit inside the Panamera, there are four unique things that stand out: first, the centre console is slightly elevated; second, the car has four individual bucket style seats; third, the amount of space in the rear where even the tallest passengers will find plenty of room for your head and feet; and fourth, the utility of the luggage area thanks to the folding rear seats there is plenty of space for luggage. The four individual bucket seats are comfortable and offer good support for your back. The panamera also comes with an electrically adjustable 8-way power seats in the rear which is another reason to rent Porsche panamera

How can you tell whether the panamera has the Porsche DNA? From the distinctive proportions and elegant lines on all models. The wings are a little higher than the bonnet and, at the rear, they are distinctly muscular and form the typical Porsche body lines. The silhouette of the Panamera models is therefore unmistakably a Porsche. It is exotic without being overbearing, and exudes luxury rather than extravagance. The front, shoulders, and rear all have instantly recognisable Porsche traits. Particularly striking are the side air outlets behind the front wheels – paying respect to the Porsche Carrera GT. The result is a timeless exterior, a spacious interior and excellent aerodynamics roofline. The overall feel of the car leaves no doubt that these are true sportscar proportions. When you get in, you’ll wonder how there can possibly be so much room inside.

The headlights on the Panamera are supplemented by the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS). Position lights and daytime running lights with LED technology add a special touch to the panamera and also provide great visibility at night or while driving in the rain. The rear lid with large glass screen opens to a wide angle. This makes loading luggage and groceries easier. This car is perfect for a family looking to rent porsche panamera, a four door vehicle but still get the exotic car feel

The spoiler is one of the most interesting features, which is integrated into the rear lid. Driving from a speed of around 55 mph, it automatically deploys, using airplane precision. After the car reaches 127 mph the spoiler begins to adjust to increase its steepness to provide even more traction and increases driving stability at high speeds.

So you see, any way you look at it, it looks like a Porsche, sounds like a Porsche, feels like a Porsche but seats 4 people comfortably Rent Porsche Panamera today!