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The same company that brought you the beautifully refined Range Rover HSE recently released a coupe version called the Range Rover SV Coupe. Sporting a similar design as the HSE, the coupe provides everything you would expect from Land Rover and more. The dramatic 2 door silhouette is sculpted with the same modern design cues that they are known for. The Range Rover SV coupe comes with the signature floating roof design and a larger than life sunroof.

Open the door of the SV and you will notice the electronic floor boards gently lower providing you with an easily accessible entry. The ride height can also be lowered up to two inches making it effortless to get inside. The steering wheel controls are hidden until you touch one of the touch sensitive switches. It even has a customizable switch that you can assign to any of the included functions.

The large 23 inch wheels come standard and are the largest wheels ever seen on any Land Rover.  Along with the refined performance and handling the SV Coupe is equipped with an ALl wheel drive system.

The Range Rover SV coupe is powered by a 557 HP V8 Supercharged engine that can take the it from 0-60 in just 5.2 seconds. It also has a newly designed suspension system that provides an additional level of comfort. The SV coupe takes performance to unparalleled levels. The ride height can be lowered up to 2 inches to allow for easier access.

Part of a Bespoke division of Land Rover the SVO team can customize this luxury SUV to your desired specifications. Almost every part of the car is customizable from the leather trim to the wood finishes. Once you place your order a team of engineers and craftsman meticulously craft your vehicle to the highest level of perfection. Creating a custom touch and making it a one of a kind SUV that is geared towards its owner.

Taking a great product and making it even better is no easy task. This beautifully crafted SUV will be part of a limited run of only 999 models created. All of this refined luxury does come at a price. The Range Rover SV Coupe will start at $336,000. If you’re interested in trying out the Land Rover experience you can always rent a Range Rover.

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