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Rent BMW i8 Miami


    MSRP: $135,700
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 4.4 sec
    MPG: 43 combined
    Engine: Hybrid
    Horsepower: 357

About BMW i8 rental in Miami

Join the electric revolution by renting a BMW i8 in the beautiful Miami Beach. One of the coolest electric cars to hit the streets of Miami this sports car is definitely a neck breaker. Arrive in style to your next destination with our BMW i8 rental service. The i8 does 76 MPGe combined gas and electric. Rent BMW i8 hybrid electric car in Miami today and we promise you won’t forget it. With its concept car design and scissor doors, there’s no question you’ll attract crowds in this beautiful exotic car. The i8 is constructed using aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic, this means the doors are 50% lighter than regular doors.

The BMW i8 can be slightly tricky to get into but the doors open and close effortlessly. How much does it cost to rent the i8 for a day? The BMW i8 rental cost starts at $795 a day in Miami. This is one of our most requested BMW rentals in Miami due to the WOW factor every time you get out of the car. The future of electric sports cars is here. Don’t wait till it’s too late experience the fun and exciting new electric BMW i8 at Diamond Exotic Rentals Miami. Drive through ocean drive and watch as sports car enthusiast wave, honk and smile while you drive by in the i8.  If you still haven’t decided on what sports car to rent, visit our Miami Exotic Car rental section to see more cars available for rent in the Miami Area