Rent BMW i8 San Francsico


    MSRP: $135,700
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 4.4 sec
    MPG: 43 combined
    Engine: Hybrid
    Horsepower: 357

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About BMW i8 Rental in San Francisco

Rent BMW i8 San Francisco! It is the new sports car that is all set to capture the roads. This car is the first sports car which is said to possess the consumption and emission values of a compact car. Unbeatable in looks and features this exquisite beauty will revolutionize these classes of vehicles. The car looks dynamic but is light in weight and that is why it gives an impression of a race car. This series of BMW is launched specifically for the hybrid versions. Here is detailed information about its features.

With a small amount of gasoline consumption this lithium ion battery containing car is believed to reach to a speed of 60km/h from nil in just 4.4 seconds. With an average fuel consumption of 2.1 liter per 100 km this car can achieve a top speed of 250km/h which is equivalent to 160 mph. it is plugged in with a three cylinder turbo diesel engine which assimilate horse power of 357. The battery of the car is recharged with the help of kinetic energy which recuperate the energy produced during overrun and braking.

The front doors have smaller compartments and small glove box as a storage space. The rest of the two doors do not have any such provisions. The doors open in the manner similar to the wings of butterfly and have automatic locks. The car has two digital screens to provide a lot of information. It keeps you update about the fuel left, speed and depletion or charging of batteries automatically. It also provides shortcut buttons to deal with the basic functions. The displays are crystal clear giving all sort of information and also the help menu to have a guide about the display functions.

This car can be driven in three different modes which are hybrid, Sport and eDrive. In the hybrid mode the balance between the petrol and the electric power is maintained whereas eDrive allows driving on electric power alone for 22 miles and in the sport mode the best performance is guaranteed using both petrol and power. The default mode is the hybrid mode which can be changed as per the suitability. With an automatic steering this car also give a small screen along with windows for rear visibility.

Built up with a small but powerful petrol engine with an electric motor and large battery pack, this car is certainly expensive if you want to buy but not if you want to simply Rent BMW i8. It is quite possible that you can rent this made-for-you car and you can relish your journeys and that too at very affordable rent. To add more the running cost of this car is much low as its consumption capacity is less than the other versions. So have a pleasure to be a part of this unique and new concept car and Rent BMW i8 today and drive this civilized version of petrol car and fulfill your extreme desire of a sports car. Just visit our portal at and look for the best rental service.