Rent Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Philadelphia


    MSRP: $52,000
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 3.8 sec
    MPG: City 17/ 29
    Engine: 6.2 lt
    Horsepower: 460

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About the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Philadelphia

The 2014 model of Corvette Stingray of Chevrolet is exquisitely beautiful. Even the silent and still car seems to boast about its beauty. The elegant design, interiors and its style speaks about the effort that is put in while designing this wonderful car. And what if one fine day you find yourself driving this marvelous creation of Chevrolet engineers? No it is not a jest but a reality. You can rent Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and experience its driving at very nominal rentals.

With a certified horsepower of 455 i.e., 399kW and 460 lb.-ft. of torque (624 Nm) – and 460 horsepower i.e., 343 kW and 465 lb.-ft. (630 Nm) with the available performance exhaust system, this car talks to air in its high speed. It is an open car which can make you see the surroundings more beautifully. This model is equipped to accelerate in 3.8 seconds from 0 to 60. It’s evident from the fact that at a speed of 119mph it can run the quarter mile in just 12 seconds with engine capacity of 6.2litre. To add more it can achieve 1.03g in cornering grip and stop from 60mph in 107 feet.

Being a sports car it is high in demand and fashion. It is estimated to deliver an EPA of 17mpg on city roads and 29mpg on the highways. A brilliantly efficient car now comes with all new seven speed manual transmissions. No other car in the market is offering a horsepower of more than 455 and an EPA of more than 29mpg on highways. It shows that it can be a great competition to the existing sports car.

The Stingray range of Chevrolet was introduced in 1957 and the first car was the racing car which grabbed all the attention of the racers at that time. Since that year till today this range is improvising in the lap of design, technology and engineering. It is delivering the best driving experiences from decades.

Diamond exotic rentals serve you the opportunity to meet this car and its hi-tech features, modernized look and quality materials would attract you to loose yourself in its striking beauty. Its interactive touch controls, scissor style doors, rear view camera with night vision enhancement etc aid the driver to provide impeccable driving experience.

There are two motives why we started with renting service. One is that dreams are priceless and they should not be measured in the terms of money. So in this world where everything is expensive, the dream to drive car of your dreams should not go futile and must be fulfilled. The other motto is that taste of a person changes frequently and he cannot stick to one thing. So if he likes something today he might not like it tomorrow. So why not have it what you like today at a reasonable cost so that you can change it after your taste is over or you want to take a shift.

So rent Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Philadelphia today and have a high performance vehicle!