Rent Ferrari 458 Italia Miami


    MSRP: $233,509
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 3.4 sec
    MPG: City 13 / 17
    Engine: 4.5 lt
    Horsepower: 562

About the Ferrari 458 Italia Miami

When you use our Ferrari 458 rental service in Miami your getting behind the wheel of an iconic Italian sports car. The 458 is one of the fastest exotic car rentals available for rent in Miami. Many car enthusiasts prefer the 458 Italia versus the convertible counterpart. The Ferrari 458 Italia has received countless awards for its performance and styling design. The breathtaking design is sure to call attention when your driving to ocean drive in South Beach. The 458 is easy to drive around Miami even at low speeds it will make your vacation unforgettable.

The 4.5-liter v8 engine produces 560 horsepower and has a zero to 60 in just 3.3 seconds. The Ferrari Italia can also reach speeds of up to 200mph all though it’s not recommend. If this is your first time renting a Ferrari you’ll instantly fall in love with the iconic brands as soon as you take off and hear all the horses behind you. The symphony of sounds that are produced by the V8 engine is music to any car enthusiast ears. The engine delivers power to the rear wheels using a Getrag 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The new transmission allows for seamless and smoother shifts than its predecessors.

The interior is wrapped in the finest hand stitched leather money can by. On the steering wheel, you find the led rev indicator, The horn, turning signals, windshield wiper button, and the suspension button. The suspension button adjusts the magnetic suspension for a smoother ride on Miami’s bumpy roads. On the wheel, you will also find the manettino dial that adjusts the drive mode to your desired setting. You have 5 options including WET, SPORT, RACE, CT Off, and CST Off. The last 2 settings provide the driver more control of the car and less electronic assistance. On the right side of the dash the LCD display controls navigation, media, phone and radio settings. The left LCD displays all the vehicle information including all trip and engine information.

Ferrari 458 Italia rental cost in Miami

The cost to rent a Ferrari 458 Italia in Miami can range between $795-$995. There is also a security deposit of $5,000 at the time of the rental. You won’t have to purchase any additional insurance as your current policy should transfer over to the rental car. Give us a call and we can answer any further questions regarding pricing and availability for any of our Ferrari rentals in Miami. We also provide free delivery to Miami International Airport and the surrounding areas. If you need delivery to Miami Beach, South Beach, Downtown, Brickell, Doral, Wynwood, Midtown, or West Palm Beach give us a call in advance so we can schedule delivery for you.