Rent Ferrari 458 Italia New York


    MSRP: $233,509
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 3.4 sec
    MPG: City 13 / 17
    Engine: 4.5 lt
    Horsepower: 562

About the Ferrari 458 Italia New York

Ready to rent a Ferrari in NYC? The 458 has received over 29 international awards and is an exceptional choice for a Ferrari rental. The super sports car is a beautiful example of Italian automotive heritage at it’s best. Like with every Ferrari the 458 Italia looks better in red which is why we have chosen the red Ferrari 458 Italia to be part of our NYC rental cars. The coupe comes with a 4.5-liter V8 engine that produces 562 horsepower and has several awards such as “best performance engine”.  The powerful supercar engine can propel the 458 Italia from 0-60 in just 3.3 seconds and has a top speed of 202 mph.

The 458 Italia is the result of an uncompromising design approach that fuses the necessary aerodynamics along with Italian styling. It has a special lightweight chassis that was developed with alloys from the aviation industry. The perfect Ferrari to rent for a wedding event or a Prom. The classic red Ferrari will turn heads every time and does not compromise quality inside. The interior of the 458 Italia is a combination of carbon fiber accents and high-quality leather that are hand assembled. Like a good pair of Italian shoes, this beautiful sports car is the perfect Ferrari to make a great impression at your next business meeting or special celebration.

The 458 was designed around the driver which is where the inspiration for the racing style cockpit came from. Along with the steering wheel mounted controls, it feels like your behind the wheel of an F1 race car when you sit in the driver’s seat. On the steering wheel, you will find the Manettino switch that controls the different drive modes. You will also find the horn, turning signals, windshield wipers and push to start button on the wheel. There is also a suspension button that when pressed makes the suspension easier for the bumpy roads of NYC.

With Diamond Exotic rentals you can rent a Ferrari in NJ, NYC, Greenwich, New Canaan, Long Island, Rumson, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Montauk or Southampton Beach. The price to rent a Ferrari 458 Italia is $1495 per day. We do offer special rates for rentals over 3 days and long term rental as well. Rent a Ferrari with us today and we can have it delivered to your Home, Hotel or place of business. The cost of delivery can vary depending on the part of New York or New Jersey you need the car delivered to. Give us a call and we would be happy to give you a no-obligation quote for your dream car rental.