Rent Ferrari California T


    MSRP: $206,473
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 3.3 sec
    MPG: City 16 / 23
    Engine: 3.9 lt
    Horsepower: 552

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About the Ferrari California T San Francisco

Adding a new sporty car to the list Ferrari California is one of the unique pieces boasting its sporty features and looks. The car is meant not only for driving occasionally but also for experiencing pleasure in daily driving. The direct fuel injection makes this car run with a horsepower of 483 consisting of engine of 4.3 liter. Along with these features there is lot more to explore so here is a look into the car’s beauty.

Ferrari California is said to be the perfect synthesis of innovation and technology. The Ferrari California is an epitome of beauty, designing and wonderful features. The intake runners and cam covers are loaded on the display screens to make the driving experience more vivid and comfortable. The headlights are more powerful and its hood vents looks as if they rest athletically on the wheels of the car. The car has been launched with a new feature of digital touch screen which gives all the information about safe driving and displays the performance of the car as compared to the standard data put in.

With an excellent rear camera to guide you a safe reverse drive this car has lot more to discover. The exquisite interiors and comfortable control buttons on the steering adds awesomeness to the experience of driving. With new improved shock absorbers and a firm pitch of accelerators this car does not compromise even a bit on comfort. The car has been fitted with a mean looking diffuser and is styled with horizontal elements that have contributed in reducing the height of car. It adds to the beauty of car and keeps it at a top grade in the field of beauty. To manage the high performance ABS it has been equipped with integrated system of brakes.

The car has something for everyone. The manufacturers have kept a privilege and comfort not only for drivers but also for those who are travelling along. The rear seats have shelves to keep something such as cans of soda drinks or a mug of coffee with snacks which makes the journey more comfortable and enticing. Along with transmission control push buttons of reverse and auto there are Launch buttons for sound effect. When you will rent ferrari california, you will surely experience that how this car will add to your pre-supposed fun and offering you the best comfort which you can ever imagine.

The price range of Ferrari California touches the heights. But you can taste the exotic blend of its technology at very lesser rates. This is because we at Diamond Exotic Rentals make sure that your dreams do not prove heavy on your pocket. Therefore we try to present the car of your dreams at the best and affordable rentals. So you can Rent Ferrari California and have a pinch of its wonderful driving. Also the car will be made available to you in the best condition with all its features working properly. So visit today at and have a detailed description of the car you are about to rent.