Rent Lamborghini Aventador Philadelphia


    MSRP: $397,500
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 2.7 sec
    MPG: City 11 / 18
    Engine: 6.5 lt
    Horsepower: 691

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About the Lamborghini Aventador Philadelphia

In the recent times, people are crazy, obsessive, possessive and really passionate about cars. This is evident with their frantic behaviour as they want to posses the latest models and drive the hottest cars in the town! From normal circumstances to special occasions cars are the most attention grabbing and spell-binding object. In addition to this, there is no denying that these days social status is very important and to boost that you need special things that normally people can’t afford such as cars that are manufactured by Lamborghini. There are many models of Lamborghini cars but people mostly prefer Lamborghini Aventador. Manufacturer name Lamborghini means fighting bull and this car really has the power of bull in terms of speed pick-ups to extremely reliable control. So if you want to impress and cast a spell then it is the best choice and here we give you all the reason why Lamborghini Aventador is the ultimate choice to grab attention and admiration – It is one of the most costly cars with the price tag of $397,500. Hence, only people with huge money can afford this “star” possession. It has all the necessary functions that a sport car should have. Most importantly, its slick and sexy design is supremely attractive beyond doubt. With the huge engine power (691 horsepower) and pick up speed of 0 to 60 miles per hours in less than 3 seconds; all this, makes this supercar the most sought after choices of many. It is prepared with extreme sophistication and only few cars are sold per year so these cars are still very rare. It has ultra modern weight shifting mechanism that keeps this car on the ground while its power is fully utilized. It is fully automatic car so you don’t have to adjust the gears by your hand.

We are reliable, professional and experienced service providers who want to ensure thorough customer satisfaction. We have been providing Lamborghini Aventador Rental services for many years now. If you are seeking best vehicle in terms of luxurious sports car that oozes with glamour then this car is the right option for you. We have more than enough cars of this model and you can choose various colour combinations such as custom painted or original ones. We are offering Lamborghini Aventador Rental at very pocket friendly prices; it is certainly welcoming news for many! The icing on the cake is that you can also opt for driver for this amazing car in case you don’t want to drive this metal beast. Our all the cars are in brand new condition because of high quality maintenance work that is done on regular basis. So, without delay any further realise your dreams by seeking this amazing car and create the most exhilarating memories with Lamborghini Aventador!