Rent Mercedes Benz AMG GT New York


    MSRP: $221,850
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 3.6 sec
    MPG: City 13 / 19
    Engine: 6.3 lt
    Horsepower: 583

About our Mercedes Benz GT rental service in New York

Experience your favorite Mercedes rental in New York today. You can rent a Mercedes AMG GT for a week or for a couple months.  The latest AMG performance sports car from the German car brand is a beautiful remake of the previous SLS Mercedes. The AMG GT is a fun car to drive around NYC streets. For over 50 years AMG has brought us wonderful sports cars that continue to intrigue car enthusiast. Applying the latest technology in engineering, the AMG brand continues to produce high-performance machines that continue to improve every year.

Under the hood, the AMG GT is powered by an AMG 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine that kicks out 469-horses and can go from 0-60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. Step on the gas pedal and you will feel the roar of the V8 engine coming to life. The transmission is linked to the engine using a rigid carbon-fiber driveshaft. The transmission has been designed so well that you won’t feel any of the shifts. There is a button inside that allows you to adjust the transmission between several modes to allow the driver to customize the driving experience. This NYC luxury car rental showcases the types of high-end automobiles that are available at your disposal.

Get behind the wheel of the AMG GT and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported inside a luxury alien transporter. The wide V center console houses several buttons which include the start button, drive mode selector, traction control, and ride hardness adjustment. In the center, you will also find the media touchpad that controls the climate controls, radio and navigation just above the shift lever. The model we offer for rent is fully equipped with the full media package allowing you to pair your phone and enjoy to your favorite artist while taking a stroll in this Mercedes. The ability to rent a Mercedes in NYC has never been simpler and we are happy to provide you with a one of a kind exotic car rental experience in New York or New Jersey.

Mercedes Benz GT rental cost

You can rent the Mercedes AMG GT today in NYC but it does require a minimum of 7 days plus a $4,000 delivery fee. If your looking for an exotic car rental you can choose from the other exotics below that do not have a minimum day rental and the delivery fee is much less. We have other NYC Mercedes-Benz rentals that are located in NJ which we can offer you much lower rates. Give us a call today and we will try to get you the best rate possible on renting your dream car.  Prices are subject to change without notice. Delivery of any exotic car can be arranged to your hotel, business or venue if booked in advance.

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