Rent Rolls Royce Ghost (Extended Wheelbase) San Francisco


    MSRP: $474,990
    Transmission: Auto
    0-60: 5.7 sec
    MPG: City 11 / 19
    Engine: 6.8 lt
    Horsepower: 453

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About the Rolls Royce Ghost (Extended Wheelbase) San Francisco

To be driven in the Ghost Extended Wheelbase is to be immersed in luxurious privacy. The extra 17 cm of legroom gives more room to work, entertain, or simply relax. The temptation to sit back and enjoy the journey may prove irresistible, however, you will be denying yourself one of the greatest pleasures of owning this car. Driving it.Whether you wish to be driven or to take the wheel yourself, Rent Rolls Royce Ghost (Extended Wheelbase) embodies the distinctive Rolls-Royce experience. The larger version of the Ghost is 6.7 inches lengthier than its sister. Nevertheless, the designers at Rolls-Royce have used this apparently modest increase in size to create an interior noticeably roomier than the original. Headroom, legroom and kneeroom have all been increased, giving passengers of any build enough space to relax and enjoy the journey. At the same time, the increased wheelbase and dimensions do not result in any noticeable compromise in performance compared to the more compact, everyday Ghost. The miniscule 0.1 second of difference in 0-60mph acceleration exemplifies just how little pace has been sacrificed. For many drivers, the handling of such a substantial vehicle may seem more suited to the hands of a professional chauffeur. It will come as a pleasant surprise to learn that the Ghost Extended Wheelbase retains the agility of the smaller model. Indeed, increased use of aluminium instead of steel means that the model is a mere 50kg heavier than its sister. The four-cornered air suspension, perfect balance and precise steering allow you to immerse yourself in the pleasure of driving.

Passive enjoyment of the interior cabin, however, may be just as enticing. As soon as you enter the Ghost Extended Wheelbase through the large opening of its highly flexible rear-hinged “coach” doors, the cabin shields and insulates you from the outside world. At 330mm, kneeroom has been more than doubled compared to the original Ghost’s 160mm. The effect of this extra room is intensified by the natural light streaming into the cabin through the Panorama sunroof, bestowing an even greater sense of serenity on the occupants.