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the Rolls Royce of the future

With technology making a big impact in the automotive industry it was only a matter of time before Rolls Royce started developing new technologies to stay ahead of the Luxury car market. The new Rolls Royce NEXT 100 Concept car shows that their not scared to put all this futuristic technology to use. Rolls Royce has never created a concept car in its 112 year history so why now?

rental Rolls-Royce-NEXT-100-Concept

The First Electric Rolls Royce

Little is known about this new Rolls Royce but I can assure you they will strive for perfection. The new Rolls Royce will have a fully electric power terrain and lightweight design which is another first for Rolls Royce. Each Rolls Royce available now like the Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Royce Ghost, Rolls Royce Drop head and the Rolls Royce Dawn are customized to their buyers specification. You can even customize the umbrella that comes in the door

No Driver No Problem

Rolls royce is synonomus for being a car that you get chauffered in. Well nothing has changed except that the driver will be the actual car. The first autonomous vehicle by Rolls-Royce is called the VISION NEXT 100. “The vehicle measure slightly over 19-feet long” according to a press release. The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 comes with its on version of siri called “Voice of Eleanor,” an artificial intelligence chauffeur, named after Eleanor Thornton, the British actress who past away nearly a century ago.

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