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Here are the top 5 luxury car rentals in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a popular city in Southern California and the hub of the nation’s television and film industry. Home to the famous Hollywood sign and studios like Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers, LA is a popular destination to visit. Beverly Hills is one of the most visited cities in the world and is home to the world-renowned shopping along famed Rodeo Drive. With a visit to one of the many 5 diamond luxury hotels or boutique hotels, it’s easy to fall in love with the Beverly Hills lifestyle. If you’re visiting the beautiful city of Los Angeles, and are looking to experience the royal treatment while you’re here, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most popular luxury cars to rent in Los Angeles. If you want to travel in styles down Beverly Hills or Rodeo drive these are the cars we rate the best of the best. The list is composed of the most luxurious car manufactures in the world including Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes-Maybach, and Land Rover. Driving any one of these cars will make you never want to get into another car again. The attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship inside every one of these cars is incredible. Some of these cars are also available with a chauffeur if you prefer to be driven around LA instead. We can have any one of these luxury cars delivered to your home, business or hotel in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Beverly Park, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hidden Hills, Rolling Hills, Bel-Air Estates, Upper Laurel Canyon, Palos Verdes Estates, West Hollywood, Brentwood Park or even LAX Airport

Rolls Royce Dawn Rental


The newest Rolls Royce to hit the streets of LA is here. The hand stitched leather and exotic wood finishes inside the Dawn are captivating. A company with more than a century’s worth of heritage completely reinvented itself with this new luxury convertible. The Rolls Royce dawn is one of the sexiest luxury cars to rent in Los Angeles. Although the Wraith is also a very popular Rolls Royce to rent the Dawn is our most requested luxury car rental in LA. The dawn uses an advanced GPS system that adjusts transmission shifts based on your current location. This massive luxury convertible can go from 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds. That’s impressive taking into account that the car weighs 5,655lbs. Many of our customers say this is the most seductive Rolls Royce they have ever built.

Mercedes Maybach Rental


If you’re looking for a car that is luxurious and doesn’t call too much attention then the Maybach is a great luxury rental car. At first glance, the Maybach might just seem like a beefed up S-Class but with further inspection, you will quickly notice that this is surely a Maybach. For starters, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 has been stretched in order to provide more room for the passengers. The rear bucket seat is removed and 2 reclining bucket seats replace it with built-in massagers. It also has a 621 hp 6-liter V12 engine under the hood providing effortless power that seems endless. You can’t go wrong with a Maybach rental in terms of ride quality, engine performance, luxury amenities, comfort, and automotive technology.

Range Rover HSE Rental


Traveling with your family or entourage the Range Rover HSE is the perfect choice for luxury car rental in LA. A spacious and luxurious interior complete with a high-end sound system and high quality finishes inside. No luxury SUV is more requested than the Land Rover Range Rover. Coming in close was the Bentley Bentayga but if you’re looking for something less extravagant yet still beautiful then the Range Rover is the perfect luxury rental car for LA. The Range Rover HSE has become a popular choice for celebrities and athletes to rent when there in LA.

Bentley Bentayga Rental


Another beautiful luxury SUV rental that is popular rental among our Los Angeles customers is the Bentley Bentayga. A high-performance SUV with the performance of a sports car and the interior space to fit all of your friends and family. The Bentayga has many luxuries that have made many of our customer’s visits to LA memorable. The advanced luxury SUV suspension components provide precision cornering yet feels like you’re riding on a cloud when you cruise on the highway. If your traveling with your family or friends and still want to experience a luxury car rental then the Bentayga is the perfect option. Our Bentley Bentayga rental service offers you the chance to drive the most luxurious SUV in the world. A beautiful luxury SUV to rent if you need plenty of room for luggage. This new Bentley Bentayga can seat up to 4 people and has room in the back for luggage as well.

Rolls Royce Phantom Rental


At the number one spot sits the Rolls Royce Phantom. The ultimate Los Angeles Rolls Royce rental can be yours for the weekend. The Phantom is the Holy Grail of handcrafted luxury cars. It’s hard to comprehend the massive 563-hp twin turbo engine which is under the hood because it barely makes a noise. Rolls Royce has said that is the quietest luxury car in the world. Buying a Phantom is usually reserved for the top 1% due to it’s $450,000 price tag but now anyone can rent a Rolls Royce Phantom for the weekend and experience the blissful experience of traveling in the ultimate luxury car. If you want to make an unforgettable first impression then traveling in a Rolls Royce is the way to go.

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