Top 10 Most Popular Powerful Cars In The World

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Most of us have cars already, that we use to transport ourselves between home and work and for other obvious purposes as well. Whether it’s a pickup truck for hauling equipment, an SUV for taking the kids to soccer practice, a commuter sedan for saving on gas, or an old sports car that we keep nice in the garage, we all choose cars based on specific needs.

But it’s no secret that we all have that one dream car we’ve always wanted. It’s not a car that we would need like a sedan or an SUV, but a fast car to drive through the countryside to expensive places and to show off to friends. No doubt, a lot of people’s dream car is a car with a lot of horsepower and high speeds. We are going to look at ten of those cars on this list. These are the cars at the very upper end of the market and worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Some brands are instantly recognizable, like Chevrolet or Ford, while others aren’t as well known.

No doubt, the ten cars featured on this list will become outdated in comparison to a new line of models within a few years, just as these cars replaced the most powerful cars from just a few years ago. All of the car manufacturers are in direct competition with one another, to attempt to put the most powerful car on the market. It’s so close between the top cars, that it’s hard to know which one really is the most powerful. The cars considered on this list are ones that have been mass produced and that are, at least for the most part, available for sale in the world.

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